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Tuesday August 16th, 2022

A company where opinions are encouraged and valued

Toni Rodriguez on his first six months at B-Secur

At B-Secur our recruitment policy isn’t constrained by borders, for us getting the best person for the position is our number one priority.

As the world emerges from the pandemic the landscape for recruitment has changed almost beyond recognition, with hybrid working opening up new possibilities for employees and significantly widening the talent pool for employers.

Six months ago, Toni Rodriguez joined the team at B-Secur as a Product Owner and his story illustrates how the company has embraced the ‘new normal’ when it comes to recruitment.

Originally from Valencia in Spain, Toni lives in Limerick, Ireland and works remotely from home with approximately two days per month spent in the Belfast office.

Toni said: “I studied at university in Valencia where I graduated with a degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation and also a Masters in Electronic Systems Engineering.

“From university I began work with a company in Valencia before moving to Ireland where I worked for the same company in Limerick for three years.


“Six months ago, I joined B-Secur and have been working in a hybrid set-up ever since. I work from home in Limerick and travel to be in the office usually once per month.

“So far everything has been very positive, I have found everyone at B-Secur really easy to work with and even though all my meetings are virtual it has not felt like there have been any barriers to work.”

Toni’s position as Product Owner will see him defining goals and creating a vision for B-Secur’s products, understanding and anticipating the customer’s needs to more effectively manage the product development process. He translates the high-level product vision into more detailed requirements that can be implemented by the development teams, while trying to maximise the product value.

“We hold one or two workshops per week during which we look at the different approaches to each problem while weighing up the pros and cons of each solution. These sessions are really interactive with everyone encouraged to bring their ideas and thoughts to the table.

“I have already found that B-Secur is a place where everyone’s opinions are encouraged and valued. People are encouraged to give their views, it is never a case that one person has all the answers, everyone is listened to.”

A large part of Toni’s workload revolves around requirements capture which he then breaks down with the  algorithm, embedded and cloud software, verification, and engineering teams.

When solutions are found, Toni will write a requirement document outlining the technical standpoint which must then be agreed and signed off by all teams.

Once this has been completed the feature is designed, implemented, verified, and validated before the customer integrates it within their device.

Toni said: “B-Secur is such a great place to work, the atmosphere is always very friendly and I know if I have a problem I can grab someone for 15 minutes to help me find a solution.

“Even though everyone has their own workloads, I have never heard someone say they are too busy to help. For me B-Secur’s biggest asset is certainly the people who work here.

“I love that every week is different. I do have recurring meetings each week but often the priorities for my day can change on the back of an email. Some people prefer a fixed schedule but for me I really like being able to react to challenges in this way.

“We recently enjoyed a comms day when we all joined together for some fun. This was my first time meeting a lot of people and it was such an enjoyable occasion with a really nice atmosphere.

“There is a real sense of team spirit with everyone focussed on doing their best and helping each other.”