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Wednesday April 20th, 2022

New starts shine a light on life at B-Secur

Welcome to the team, Priya, Jason, Matt, and Suzie! We only hire people we believe will make a difference here, and we’re proud to include you in the team. We look forward to helping you make waves and seeing what this next professional chapter will mean for you.

Let’s meet the new members of the B-Secur team:


Priya Dharshini Venkatesan, Cloud Software Engineer

Originally from India and moved to England last year with family. Loves baking and is keen to develop her skills. Had a pet dog named Groot back in India and loves to hang out with pets.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
As a Cloud Software Engineer I develop the back end of the HeartKey web applications using Java and related technologies. It involves going through requirements, developing and testing the code as well as reviewing and deploying the application.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
I am highly impressed with the work culture in B-Secur. It is very pleasant to work here and people are really helpful. Also it is growing very fast and I know there is more to come.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I am enjoying the work I am currently doing and am looking forward to taking on more responsibilities.


Jason Maitland, Product Owner

Lived in Shenzhen, China for seven years. Love 3D design and 3D printing. Been in product for nine years.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
As a Product Owner I help define product vision, ensure legislative compliance, capture and break down requirements, prioritise features though market research, systems design, implementation capture, manage product backlogs/roadmaps and act as primary liaison between stakeholders and internal teams. Product Owners are also responsible for continuous evaluation of the product as it is developed, deployed and updated, which is then fed back into the development and delivery process to ensure constant improvement of both process and product.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
Everyone is very welcoming and happy to make time and share knowledge.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I am looking forward to seeing what our products can do to change the lives of people across the world.


Matt Fitzpatrick, Scientific Writer

A Belfast-born gaeilgeoir (Irish speaker). In my free time I volunteer for a wildlife conservation group. I’m a big fan of anything outdoors or water-related: running, hiking, bouldering, surfing, open-water swimming, canyoning. Recently brought home a German Shepherd x Collie puppy, Banbha, who keeps me company (and bites my toes) while working from home.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
Working as a Scientific Writer within the data team, my role centres around establishing the academic footprint of B-Secur through the publication of scientific articles. This adds credibility to our science, which is crucial as we transition into the medical sector. The role is fast-paced and highly collaborative, giving me the chance to work with virtually every department in B-Secur, as well as with a variety of external scientific advisors.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
After completing my university studies, I was apprehensive about transitioning into the professional workplace. As my first “real” job, working at B-Secur alleviated these doubts and has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far. The workplace is a very friendly and supportive environment. Despite being here only 5 short weeks, I already feel like an integral part of the team!

The work culture is also incredible and there is such an emphasis on personal and professional development, which is incredibly gratifying. Additionally, the flexibility within B-Secur is such that you can direct your job, and career, in the direction you want, which is very helpful for someone like myself who is just beginning their professional career.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I look forward to writing about the wide variety of fascinating scientific projects being developed at, and in collaboration with, B-Secur. It’s a very exciting time to begin working at B-Secur, and I look forward to learning as much as I can and developing my skills over what is going to be a very big year!


Suzie Adamson, Office Manager

My happy place is the Mourne Mountains. I’ve lived in Scotland and Australia. I part loan a beautiful horse called Dunstan and own the most unaffectionate cat in the world, Beau.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I’ve been doing Office Management for nearly 10 years, joining B-Secur at the end of January ‘22. My role is broad and straddles many departments – Finance, HR, Operations and Facilities.I like to think the main purpose of my role is to help provide the best working environment for my colleagues so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
Immediately I was made to feel very welcome, which put me at ease. B-Secur is incredibly agile and fast growing. Everyone is so hardworking and happy to be here, from what I can see, with a great work/life balance.  I feel I’ve settled in so quickly due to the fabulous people around me and the perks are great too!


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m looking forward to see what the future holds for B-Secur and the amazing, innovative work that takes place here. It’s exciting.




Thank you to Priya, Jason, Matt and Suzie for taking time to sit down with us and share your experience, knowledge and impressions of B-Secur.