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Tuesday January 16th, 2024

Introducing B-Secur’s New Senior VP, Consumer Health & Wellness: A Conversation with Brian Pitstick.

B-Secur proudly announces the addition of Brian Pitstick to its team as the Senior VP of Consumer Health & Wellness. In this interview, Brian shares insights into his role, the innovative products offered by B-Secur, and his vision for the company’s future success.

Looking at your new role as Senior VP Consumer, what aspects of the company’s technology, people, and culture convinced you that this was the right fit for you?

For me, work is most enjoyable when you connect with the people and the mission of the company. B-Secur’s commitment to empowering individuals with their health through technological innovation resonated deeply with me. The team’s passion and energy, coupled with a mission-driven culture, drew me in. This was especially meaningful considering the personal experiences my family has faced with heart health challenges.

Can you share a specific feature or aspect of our product offering that you find particularly ‘significant’ or potentially a ‘game-changer’ in the market?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading killer but many deaths relating to CVD can be avoided, B-Secur’s unique technology is poised to revolutionize heart health. Our FDA-cleared solution enables wearable, device and health platform companies to offer their users more accurate ECG data swiftly. This not only enhances proactive care but also delivers crucial insights, such as detecting heart arrhythmias, ultimately saving lives.

Reflecting on your career journey, what led you to take on the role of Senior VP, Consumer at B-Secur?

I’m driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact on both the business and the company’s mission. B-Secur’s position in a rapidly growing market, coupled with its technology addressing real-world problems, presented an exciting opportunity. This role allows me to leverage my extensive experience to contribute significantly to the company’s growth.

You bring a wealth of experience to this role. How do your past roles contribute to your vision for our company’s future success?

My diverse background in leadership roles, spanning small and large organizations, equips me uniquely for this role. With over 25 years in the technology industry and nearly a decade in digital health and wellness, I bring significant experience in product, marketing, and building strategic partnerships. This experience positions me to play a vital role in realizing B-Secur’s immense potential.

What innovations do you find most intriguing, and how do you see our company positioning itself within these trends?

As new technologies like ECG reshape the health landscape, B-Secur is at the forefront of providing consumers with clinical-grade health insights. Our focus on developing solutions for the next generation of wearable devices reflects our commitment to making these insights more accessible, easier, and faster for users.

Looking ahead, what are your initial priorities and plans in your first few months?

Over the next two to three months, my primary goal is to engage with our teams and customers, understanding how B-Secur’s technology can best support their goals. With exceptional technology and a talented team, we aim to collaboratively work with our partners, ensuring the delivery of innovative products that address the needs and solve problems for their users.

Share a fun fact about yourself that your new colleagues might not know.

Aside from my professional life, I’m a fairly competitive individual with a disciplined approach to achieving goals. A passion for long-distance running, culminating in 13 marathons, two Boston Marathons, and a personal best completion time of 2:56 hrs, reflects my commitment to constant improvement. It’s a mindset that I bring to both my personal and professional endeavors.

What activities or hobbies bring you joy outside of your professional life, and how do you plan to integrate these aspects into your work-life balance?

Beyond work, my joy comes from spending quality time with family and friends. Whether engaging in friendly competition through card games, cornhole, or darts, or enjoying active sports like wake surfing, golf, pickleball, and snowboarding, I find a balance that keeps me energized. Morning exercise is a non-negotiable routine, helping me kickstart each day. Lastly, being an avid sports fan, cheering on my favorite teams adds another layer of enjoyment to my life outside of the professional realm.