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Wednesday August 29th, 2018

Interview with B-Secur Data Research Manager Holly Easlea

As we continue to explore the people behind the B-Secur brand, this week it’s the turn of Data Research Manager Holly Easlea to tell us more about her experience of working for B-Secur.

Holly leads our data research services and comes to B-Secur with an impeccable technical record, with a strong background in vital signs monitoring, including electrocardiogram (ECG) data collection and analysis. Holly also holds a first class honours degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Ulster. Here, Holly talks to us about her passion for biomedical science, why she wanted to work for B-Secur and her take on the Irish tech scene.


How would you describe what you do at B-Secur?
In summary; I manage a great team of Data Analysts, which is currently expanding. The aim of the team is to collect ECG data to cover a wide range of use cases and test B-Secur’s algorithm to help ensure everything tech related that leaves B-Secur is of the highest standard possible.


What’s the significance of the data team within the company?
The data team play a key role in every development milestone, working closely with the algorithm, software and hardware teams. Key tasks include testing, results analysis and providing feedback to aid technology development.


What are your favourite parts of your role, and also your biggest challenges?
My favourite parts of the role are:

  • Ensuring the organisation of data (I love a good bit of organisation!)
  • Learning about and researching new areas of ECG utilisation that I have not previously been exposed to.
  • Helping new members integrate into B-Secur and watch them develop into valuable members of the company.

My biggest challenge is trying to keep up! As the data team is integral to most aspects of the company’s workflow, we constantly have a mountain of tasks to get through. Another challenge relates to my desire to improve my MATLAB knowledge. Having only a fundamental knowledge when I started in B-Secur, it is my ambition to develop this further.


Flexible, Remote Working

“One of the most attractive aspects of working at B-Secur is the flexibility it offers. This enables me to work my hours flexibly around the needs of my lively little toddler!”


One common perception of working in tech centres around long, unsociable hours.


Do you find it difficult to maintain a balance?

One of the most attractive aspects of working at B-Secur is the flexibility it offers. The company was more than happy to accommodate my part-time working request of four days a week; three days in the office and the fourth at home. This enables me to work my hours flexibly around the needs of my lively little toddler!

Northern Ireland has seen the growth of a robust tech scene in recent years. Would you agree?
Yes. Since graduation, I have been extremely lucky to have been involved with a successful Northern Irish health technology company and now B-Secur. These two roles have given me a good insight in the NI tech scene and exposed me to a lot of innovative and forward-thinking people, which I believe will help the industry go from strength to strength.


What are the priorities for the data research team over the next 12 months?
The priorities for the coming year are data collection, the development and execution of high-quality algorithm validation tests.