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Thursday August 5th, 2021

B-Secur strengthens team for further expansion

With all of the exciting developments happening at B-Secur HQ and plans for further expansion, we are delighted to welcome three new recruits to the team.

Meet Caitlyn O’Kane, Commercial Assistant, Enda Rafferty, Verification Test Engineer and Amoolya Srivalson, Embedded Software Technical Specialist. Find out about their experience, first impressions of B-Secur, and their plans for settling into the company.


Caitlyn O’Kane
Commercial Assistant

  • Graduated from The University of Manchester with a degree in Fashion Marketing
  • Previous experience in PR, customer service and sales
  • Loves spending time with friends and family as well as pursuing creative passions such as cooking and writing

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
As Commercial Assistant my role entails a variety of things. I regularly conduct market research, assist in the development of presentations, help with event coordination as well as working to meet commercial targets. I complete an internal daily briefing for B-Secur so that those within the team have the resources to stay up-to-date with what’s going on within the industries we operate in.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
When I first started B-Secur I was overwhelmed by how welcoming and friendly everyone was to me.

I thought starting my first corporate job in a new industry and going straight to working from home would be challenging but the whole team was extremely helpful and accommodating which made the process a lot smoother. I immediately felt comfortable and loved the flexibility given to us which allowed for a great work-life balance. I have loved the team events which have given me the opportunity to meet more of the team whilst working from home.


“I was delighted when B-Secur launched a ‘Keep Well’ initiative which aimed to raise awareness of mental, emotional and physical wellness in which we could attend seminars on mindfulness as well as nutrition and mental health.”


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
B-Secur is growing so fast and I’m keen to see how things change and progress as we get bigger and better. I’m looking forward to progressing within my role as I hopefully work to specialise and become a leader within that area in which I can mentor and help others. I’m also looking forward to growing my friendships with the team. I’m excited for more team events as life returns to normal and we are able to spend more time together as a team.


Enda Rafferty
Verification Test Engineer

  • Worked in the hospitality sector as a bartender for 6-7 years from when finishing a Masters in Mathematics at QUB in 2014.
  • After seeing several government-funded opportunities online,  enrolled in a post graduate course in Software Development at QUB and the Digital Futures Cloud Academy at Belfast Metropolitan College.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I am currently employed as a Verification Test Engineer as part of the wider Verification & Validation Team. The role involves conducting both automated and manual testing to ensure that the software/hardware that we have developed is fit for purpose and that bugs are raised and removed before system deployment.

I basically spend my days finding issues with other people’s work. The phrase “break it til you make it” has been thrown around once or twice.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
I originally joined B-Secur as a placement student from BMC. Not having heard of the company, coupled with the fact that I had never worked in an office or the technology sector before, I was fairly nervous when I was first offered the interview. My work experience up to this point could not have been further from the regular 9 to 5 and I was worried that none of my skills would be transferable. Fast forward almost 6 months and all my fears have been put to rest.

Everyone was friendly, supportive and approachable from the get-go, I was encouraged to work to my strengths, utilising my most recent education and even though my placement was almost entirely remote, I never felt lost or out of touch with what was going on. Accepting the offer for full-time employment was a no-brainer.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
Learning about wearable EKG technology and the insights that can be gained for our collective health and wellness has been interesting and rewarding. Working with a team and a company that are passionate about what they do is inspiring and B-Secur has offered me many opportunities to collaborate with members from other departments. I’m excited to see where my career is heading and although I may only be taking my first steps into the technology sector, I am happy I have had the opportunity to start it here.


Amoolya Srivalson
Embedded Software Technical Specialist

  • Born in Kerala, a small state in the south of India, nicknamed God’s own country
  • Moved to Northern Ireland in 2014 with family
  • 11 years of experience in embedded software development in telecommunications and automotive domains

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I am an Embedded Software Technical Specialist in B-Secur. My day-to-day work involves developing software libraries based on B-Secur’s innovative EKG algorithms, integrating them to different hardware and mentoring junior software engineers within the team.


What were/are your first impressions of B-Secur?
A small company that gave me the warmest welcome that I have ever received in my career on my first day itself! Everyone I have met so far is so passionate about their work here. Their passion and talent is truly reflected in the quality and innovation of the products they have developed in such a short timeframe.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I am excited to join the B-Secur family and hoping to make my own small contributions to B-Secur’s success. I am sure that I will learn lots from the incredibly experienced people here and make good friends as well!