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Wednesday October 26th, 2022

B-Secur is fulfilling Maeve’s ambition to work in the medical field

Maeve McKeever has always been drawn to the medical field and had strongly considered pursuing a career in medicine until her life took her in a very different direction.

The Kilrea woman, who now lives in Portstewart with her husband, Thomas, dog, Meadow and cat, Tony, moved to Belfast to study for a Master’s in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Queen’s University.

From university she began her career at Randox before moving to Allstate for over three years as a Data Scientist.

However, that feeling of wanting to work for a company closely aligned to health refused to go away and when lockdown struck, Maeve knew the time was right to follow her ambition.

In April this year she joined B-Secur as a Senior Algorithm Engineer.


Maeve said: “I just knew it was time to make the move and shortly after I found the job at B-Secur which has allowed me to work with medical data. It is so cool to be involved in a product which allows people to take control of their own health, this is something which really interests me.

“It’s very rewarding to be working on something which can help people and save lives. From my own perspective, I’m passionate about finding out about the body, how it works and where data can help with solving problems.

“I’m really enjoying the work and it is so nice to be with a full team of people who are also interested in the same stuff as I am. You can really see how everyone wants to contribute with the medical side of things but they are also very mathematically minded.

“I love being involved with the team, they are incredibly talented people, and it is a joy to learn from them.”

One of the things which attracted Maeve to B-Secur was her ability to work remotely – something Meadow also appreciates as walks along Portstewart Strand are a regular lunchtime occurrence.

“As I live so far from the office, I’m not there every day but I do love to come up every other week and spend time in the office, learning from colleagues and bouncing ideas off them.

“Things can be so much easier when we are all together in the office but likewise it is good to have the flexibility of being able to work from home when you need to really focus. This flexibility was a real focus of my job search.

“Everyone I have met at B-Secur has been so nice and it’s been really pleasing to find that everyone is on my wavelength, I’ve definitely clicked with quite a few people.

“There is a real openness at B-Secur, people are friendly and approachable, and you can see that they really enjoy their job. It feels like everyone is working together as one to solve a common problem, there is certainly a real focus on problem solving.

“My previous jobs have been in huge, global companies. I am really enjoying the smaller company culture and it is lovely to be able to approach senior managers and executives who are all very generous with their time. It’s also very exciting to be part of a company which is in growth mode.

“In my career I want to get to the point where I can lead teams and if the company continues to grow it can get to the point where people who are here now can guide more junior members of staff. B-Secur can certainly support my career aspirations.”